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Willshakespeare is Aidan Johnston's Minecraft character, who loves to wright plays just like is real life counter 

Willshakespeare (Minecraft Character)
Vital statistics
Position Minecraft Character
Age 8 Updates
Status Alive- but dies alot
Physical attributes
Height 2 blocks
Weight Equivalent to a wool block

part, William Shakespeare and Aidan.

Hack/Mine with Aidan


Minecraft Hack Mine Episode 1 - The Orc Convention

Willshakespeare playing Hack/Mine

Willshakespeare first appears during Aidan's Hack/Mine series, where he is seen attacking a dungeon.

Episodes 1 - 6

After discovering a large tower, Willshakespeare attacked it discovering a mass of slimes, ending up dead. After many attempts, he evenaully cle ared the first 3 floors before battling  a horde of spiders, dying again in the process. He did eventually make it to the top floor and the (rather dissapointing) loot!

Skyblocks with Aidan and Sam