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What if: The French Empire was the first game produced by Fortuitae Games. It was created solely by Bob Bobbington as he had not hired any staff.

Game Information (New Information!)

Note: This information has been written by Aidan and has mostly not been mentioned on camera!

Game Summary

What if Napoleon had won at Waterloo? What if Britain never gained it's powerful empire? What if Napoleon's Empie had grown to engulf every metre of the Earth? That's what What if: The French Empire is about. After a victory at Waterloo, The Player must move a fleet to Britain and take over. Then they must go from there and expand to the whole world!

Game Play

The Player Controls Units of Soldiers in the conquest of The World. The player has access to the list of Units, and can produce Units in barracks in Cities. Units can also be stolen from enemies. However, owning and producing units costs Moral. If Moral is low, you cannot produce Units or steal them, and units will desert. Moral is earnt by winning battles and taking cities. The game is won when every city in the world is owned by France.



  • Cost: 100 Moral
  • Damage: 7


  • Cost: 50 Moral
  • Damage: 5


  • Cost: 500 Moral
  • Damge: 9


  • Cost: 250 Moral
  • Damage: 8

Battle System

If a Unit moves onto the square of another Unit, a battle commences. The Unit with higher Damage automatically wins, however, if two units have the same damage ammount, the attacker automatically wins. For cities on the other hand, 5 units are automatically stationed in cities. These units must be defeated. Units will not be added or replaced in cities. For defeating an enemy unit, you recieve 100 Moral, for defeating a city, you recieve 1000 Moral. You do not recieve Moral for defeating individual units stationed in cities.

Game Stats

Units Sold: 14.3k

Costs: 31k

Income: 100.3k

Profit/Loss: 69.3k

Released: Y1 M4 W1

Average Review: 6

Fans: 104

Top Sales Rank: 37