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Note: This page is about when to expect certain videos. This is not about any particular series. This information is NOT mentioned in ANY videos and has been added by Fortuitae. Also note that this a schedule of the days these videos will be uploaded if they have been produced. It is not certain that videos will be released on these days.


  • Civilization V with Aidan
  • Democracy 3 with Aidan
  • Sim City with Aidan


  • TF2 with Fortuitae
  • Guildwars 2 with Aidan and Sam P
  • Aidan Reads... Doctor Who: Dark Horizons by J.T. Colgan.


  • Pirate101 with Aidan and Sam P
  • Wizard 101 with Aidan (When it returns)
  • Hack/Mine with Aidan


  • Fortuitae Top 5
  • Game Dev Tycoon with Aidan
  • Fortuitae Minecraft!


  • Little Inferno with Aidan and Sam P
  • Dawn of War II Retribution with Aidan and Sam M
  • Fortuitae Challenge Evening
  • Civilization V Aidan Vs Warmonger Dan


  • 3 Random Videos.


  • Fortuitae Chats


Specials will be uploaded on random days, however below is a rough schedule of the dates of upcoming Specials.

  • Fortuitae's 50th Video Celebration: A 2 hour special of a range of games and highlights from the past 49 episodes! - 3rd January 2014 - 6th January 2014 (Est.)
  • Fortuitae Chat's New Years Special: A 50 minute countdown the New Year with Aidan and Sam, looking back at the past 12 Months! - 1st January
  • Fortuitae's 100th Video Spectacular: A 3 hour special of a  range of game and highlights from the past 99 episodes! - Unknown.