Game Dev Tycoon with Aidan Episode 1 -

Aidan plays Game Dev Tycoon!

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Game Dev Tycoon is a series of Videos of Aidan playing Game Dev Tycoon. The series began on Friday the 1st of Novemeber 2013 and ran until the present and currently 1 episode has been released.

Series Summary

At the start of the series, Fortuitae Games was set up by Bob Bobbington. The first game was an Alternative History Strategy Game called What if: The French Empire. It was about a possible History in which Wellington lost at Waterloo and Napoleon won. The player must then command the French Army in a conquest of Britain then the world! It cost 31k to Produce. It sold 14.3k units, making 100k in Sales with an average review score of 6.


Game Dev Tycoon with Aidan Episode 1 - 

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